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Probably the best AND most entertaining customer review ever.

Probably the best AND most entertaining customer review ever.

This is a message we received over the holidays from a customer named Charles. It was unexpected, unprompted, and filled with flare and I LOVE IT! It's printed out and taped to the wall in our shop. Enjoy!

"Did I just win Taylor Swift tickets? - Nope.

Am I that record-breaking powerball winner? - technically kinda, not really.. I mean, it was the only number I had match.. so I won 8 real, whole dollars with the double play. Didn’t feel the need to publicize it, though..

But.. this past week I came home with a used G&L Doheny Tribute series guitar.. it caught my eye, because I’ve been in the market for a maple fretboard and a tremolo that wasn’t a strat or a tele for still that vibe.. I’m a Les Paul guy, so yeah. It also happens to be in perfect condition.. no swirl, no rash - just shiney, liquid black with a white pickguard and the black inlays on the maple neck.

I talked the store owner (great guy) down $100, but he wouldn’t go any lower.. he said “it has upgraded pickups in it, the previous owner installed them.. they are lambers.. lambertones..  something like that. Never heard of them, but their website looks legit.”

I wasn’t educated with this mysterious brand.. but whatever, I had previously owned a G&L tribute series strat and didn’t care for the stock pups. I just really liked the look and the feel of the Doheny and honestly didn’t even plug it in when I gave it a test run. Figured I’d probably upgrade the electronics eventually anyway. So I bought it. Pretty much in line with a good Reverb sold price..

Got home and first thing changed the strings.. figured I look under the hood too. Enter the Lambertone Ristrettos.. Neat.

Restrung the guitar, plugged into my board, tuned up, gave the guitar a shine, ate some dinner, stretched and tuned the strings again.. and THEN flipped on my amp..

My. God.

Called in sick the next day.. to burn a personal day before the end of the year.. and most importantly, to spend the day playing this guitar loaded with heaven.

To the powers that be - 

It is because of you, I have one less paid personal day off. Thank you, I was destined to lose it before they reset in January.

Also, if I did win Taylor Swift tickets.. I would immediately sell them and buy Lambertones for one of my Les Pauls and sets for at least two more guitars I haven’t even purchased yet.

They are so great, I kinda feel like I owe you money.. I paid less for the guitar than I would have for the pickups.

That said, you’ll be my next pickup purchase. Without question."


Well, Charles, we're grateful and entertained once again. Thank you for allowing me to share your experience with us.

 - Kurtis @ Lambertones

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