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Kurtis Lamberton - Updated January 22 2023

Choosing the correct Lamber'Tron baseplate

Choosing the correct baseplate mount for your Lamber'Tron is vital to having a successful install. This page is dedicated to giving you the guidance you may need to successfully identify which version you need to fit the guitar you have these pickups in mind for. In addition, I will walk you through several wiring scenarios, including a solderless connection kit available for purchase, for those of you looking for the quickest and easiest install possible.

***UPDATED 2023***

We've learned a few things since launching the Lamber'Tron in 2022. The sum of this is that the LT-1 and the LT-3 are virtually the same, so we've condensed them into a single mounting baseplate unit. Therefore,  starting in 2023, whether you have a Gretsch Electromatic or are mounting via a pickguard or adapter mounting ring, the LT-1 is compatible for you. 

If you have a Gretsch guitar, the first step is identifying the mounting method your current pickups use. Based on that identification you will choose one of the following:

LT-1. Electromatic models, and any other Gretsch model using a "thru-pickup ring" mounting process using (3) screws and springs. (2) of them are on the "top" (low string side), and (1) is on the bottom.

LT-2. Any Gretsch model using pickup rings without any mounting screws. Requiring the mounting screws to go through the pickup cover and mount in to the wood/body of the guitar. (Falcons/Jets/Penguins/Country Gentleman/etc).

If you do NOT have a Gretsch guitar, then please follow this section of the guide to make the appropriate choice for your application.

Pickguard/Adapter ring mount. This option allows you to drop the Lamber'Tron into any thru-pickguard cut with a standard Filter'Tron or TV Jones Filter'Tron shape. This option uses (2) mounting screws and springs that attach to the pickguard itself. In addition, this option allows you to use any standard Filter'Tron or TV Jones Filter'Tron shape adapter rings for a Gibson or Fender equipped humbucker guitar.

LT-2. This baseplate can also be used in any non-Gretsch guitars that still use a wood/body mount. i.e. Fender Cabronita. 

(These adapter rings are available in our webstore, but if you source your own please make sure they are vintage Filter'Tron or TV Jones sized adapter rings.)

Ways to connect to your wiring harness.

There are (3) main ways to connect your Lamber'Tron's to your guitar. Please read carefully so you are educated to make the best decision possible for your application.

The most traditional install is attaching to your existing wiring harness, replacing the pickups directly. In some cases, this would require removing the wiring harness from the guitar to solder directly to the selector switch and pot(s). This install is the most comprehensive, but it can be the most invasive/daunting to approach.

2. Splice into your existing  pickup wires, twist the (+)/(-)  wires to the appropriate wires that you have clipped from the old pickup, solder those connections, then cover with shrink tubing to prevent any electrical shorts.

3. Purchase and use our 2-way connectors for a solderless install. This method still requires cutting the leads from your old pickup set (as mentioned above in #2), but simply push the Lamber'Tron wires into one side, squeeze so the locking tabs snap shut, then repeat the process for the existing (+)/(-) wires from the old pickup.
*NOTE* These connectors only work with 18-24 awg wire. If you have thicker wire (18 gauge and lower) it will not work and you will need to solder the connections.

(Please reference HERE for a comprehensive wiring diagram and wire codes)

Need additional assistance? We hope this guide clears up any questions on which application will work for you. If you need more help, please text us HERE at the shop and we'll get you direct feedback ASAP. 

Check out Tone Junkie TV's review and demo of the new Lamber'Tron pickup set in a 1997 Gretsch Sparkle Jet.

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