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Why Dynamo?

Why Dynamo?

You Shop. We Give.

I warned you in the last email we sent that I would make a big ask of you in 2024.. I have a few more things to set up before we launch, but the precursor to all this is introducing you to our friends at:


I stumbled across Dynamo in early 2023, soon to find out their founder, Kessler Cuffman, and I have mutual friends, and it's been a partnership ever since.

Some of you know, or maybe you don't, but Lambertones donates 5% of gross sales between two non-profits. Dynamo Studios and IJM (more on IJM later). Dynamo is creating the next generation of musicians, writers, producers, and educators from children living in at-risk environments and underprivileged communities. It's a DREAM COME TRUE, and Dynamo is giving kids the opportunity to learn, grow, and partner with some of the biggest and most influential names in the industry. 
Check out "Why Dynamo" at the link HERE.

Dynamo is expanding everywhere. Its program is effective and currently working in multiple locations - so we want to help them get the best gear possible to give their students the best opportunities.

How can I help?! I'm so glad you asked. There are two ways you can help today:

1. With any purchase from Lambertones' store, we donate 5% of that immediately. You win by getting amazing tones and accessories, and we donate 5% of gross receipts.

2. You can Donate A Set of Lambertones to Dynamo Studios. This is a big ask because you don't get anything in return, so it's not for everyone. But if you find yourself in a place where you can sacrifice a little to make a big impact, we'll match your donation and double it. So, if you buy a set of pickups for Dynamo, we'll do an additional set on your behalf. We're in contact with Dynamo about their needs, so we'll only ship them product that is helpful to their growing list of 4000+ students!

Click HERE to donate.

To learn more about the causes that we donate to please click HERE.

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