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Our Mission

Unlocking your guitar’s potential with Lambertones Pickups

What we do

At Lambertones we believe that 90% of tonal quality is directly dependant on the quality of your pickups. Yet, most guitars priced under $1500 come installed with mass-produced and imported pickups and electronics that use low-tolerance winding specs, sub-par quality wire, unregulated tensions, and improper magnet selection. Our handmade electric guitar pickups give musicians the possibility of upgrading their guitar, regardless of the instrument quality, for a clearer and more articulate signal that can be crafted and amplified at will.

The science of tone

Picture this: You’re six feet tall, standing inside a narrow hallway that is only seven feet tall, giving you only a 12” of space overhead, lets call this “headroom”. It feels cramped, right? This is what a mass-produced pickup is doing to your guitar tone. They are tight, choked, cramped, muddy, over-compressed, and already past the edge of breakup.

By comparison, using Lambertones pickups is like standing in a large foyer with 14 foot high ceilings. Having this much space around or “headroom” allows for a significantly improved dynamic range for your guitar tone. Giving your guitar more headroom before hitting the edge of breakup means you’ll capture more detail than you’ve ever heard from your beloved instrument before.

"Kurtis and the whole Lambertones team are really making waves in the guitar industry and I'm finding more and more people inside and outside of the worship community using them and raving about them."

— Devon Nelwan (AJ Rafael)

"I can honestly say that Lambertones entire lineup are exceptional products. Kurtis has the best customer service that I have ever dealt with."

— Corey Plowman - Customer

Our thing

We love coffee

You might have noticed all of our pickups are named and inspired by all things coffee-related. This company was founded in the Pacific Northwest and we've taken pride in our brew ever since! There is nothing we love more than welcoming someone into our tone family and getting to know them over a cup of coffee.

Our founder

Kurtis is a lifelong musician with a background in automotive technology, electrical engineering, and digital photography. By taking a scientific approach to sound, he realized that replacing a guitar’s subpar mass-produced pickups is the most effective way to improve an instruments clarity and produce a more articulate tone.

"Kurtis has built something special. He is honestly one of the nicest humans, and desires for anyone who plays his pickups to be inspired and encouraged to take their playing to the next level!"

— Cam Morris (#Gibsunday)

"I personally know that Kurtis is a man who pays attention to the details and makes sure his pickups are of the highest quality."

— Jordan Holt (Kari Jobe/The Belonging Co.)

"Kurtis has been nothing but amazing to work with! He’s extremely kind and patient. He puts everything into customer satisfaction while making the best original pickups!"

— David Dayton (LA based session player)

Love your tone. Guaranteed.

If you don’t love your new tone, we will take your Lambertones back and refund your purchase within 90 days of their delivery.