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"I recently swapped out the pickups with the Lambertones Ristrettos, and I haven't really put the guitar down since - I think it's fantastic."

— Stu G

"These pickups are amazing. They are clear, precise, articulate and take pedals real well. They also love to go clean or hot and can give you that chimey single coil sound."

— Joan G.

"The tone is clear and consistent with every model of Lambertone pickup I’ve tried. They’re the best representation of any genre of pickup out there."

— Darrell Plampin – DWP Guitars

Watch “the Blondie” neck pickup on one of our custom winders.

Artist Sami Castillo playing a set of “the Triple Shots” in a custom MIA Fender Stratocaster.

Access your entire signal chain

Sub-par guitar pickups strip you of your creative artistry. When your guitar signal is muddy and over-compressed you lose the ability to control and shape your tone. An overly dark and muddy signal with added distortion where you don't want it means your guitar signal won’t be heard through a mix.

Cut through the mix

With Lambertones pickups, you can use your entire effects signal chain and maintain unparalleled clarity. Whether its a spaceship-sized pedalboard, digital modeling system, or dry into the amp; your guitar will have improved clarity, string articulation, and note separation for a clean, clear, and articulate tone with increased headroom.

Upgrade your guitar’s sound

Your guitar pickups are responsible for over 90% your tone quality. This is unfortunately neglected by most guitar manufacturers. Thankfully, we can fix that in just a few steps.

1. Choose your pickups

All of our pickups are handmade to order. Browse our products and choose what you need.

2. Customize your guitar

Install Lambertones at home with simple tools or get them installed by your trusted guitar tech.

3. Love your tone!

Now that the guitar you love is producing the sound you’ve always wanted, there's no putting it down.

Share your sound

We’ve helped over 9,000 guitars sound better. These guitars belong to at-home musicians, world-renowned session players, and professional touring artists such as Gable Price and Friends, Justin Vernon (Boniver), David Ryan Harris (John Mayer), Chris Payton (Katy Perry/Tori Kelly), Kerry "2Smooth" Marshall (Ledisi, MAJOR., Sean Kingston), Eric Dubose (Babyface),Bennett Lewis (Maren Morris), Nico Barboza (Fonsi/Jordan Feliz) and many more.

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"I have much more consistent tones through all pickup positions, keeping my amp/board signal chain simpler without having to compensate for dramatic changes in my overall sound."

— Kyle Blaine Perrin - Producer/Session Player

"If you want to transform your tone, 100% get some Lambertones. Of all the things you can do to upgrade your tone, it’s an incredible bang-for-buck."

— David Ryan Olson - Mix engineer/Producer

"The definition and clarity are fantastic. The low and tight and punchy and the highs are smooth and never harsh."

— Customer review

Artist and online course instructor Hailey Powers playing her modified Squier Stratocaster loaded with a set of “the Triple Shots”.

The music you create is important to your community. Having a clearer and more articulate guitar tone will inspire you to keep playing music for yourself, and to bless others with your expression.

Love your tone. Guaranteed.

If you don’t love your new tone, we will take your Lambertones back and refund your purchase within 90 days of their delivery.