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Designed to be Different

Precision Winding

Deep dive the gear forums on pickup winding and you'll see tons of voices claiming that handwinding and variable tension is where the magic is. We challenge that concept and have the data to prove it. Every set that leaves our shop is within 1% tolerance of every pickup we've ever shipped. No more wondering if you got a lemon model. Whether you're playing to your dog or you're on stage for 100,000+ fans, the Lambertones are the same.

Made in USA

We fully believe a product should be able to stand on its own, where the location of manufacturer doesn't automatically qualify/disqualify it from a perceived quality. That said, we're proud to design, manufacture, wind, fulfill in house here at our shop in Southern California.

Crafted with Care

Premium Materials

We charge and test every magnet pressed into the Triple Shot flatwork to ensure that our Strat tones are consist across every set. Each set is wound on precision laser-cut vulcanized fiberboard in our shop with tinned eyelets for a premium and isolated solder joint. The pickup leads use the highest quality possible cloth covered pre-tinned Gavitt wire to give you the best signal chain start and an easy solder connection.

Custom Baseplate

Each Triple Shot SSS set uses a custom laser-etched copper-plated steel baseplate on the bridge pickup that further enhances the bridge tone, smoothing out the high-end sizzle most Strat bridge pickups have, and giving a tighter and punchier low-end.

Shipped with Style

Premium Packaging

Every pickup set comes in its own premium box with laser cut foam and every cover has mm thick 3M protective shielding to aid in a successful install without scratches or scuffs.

Special Gift

Every pickup set is shipped with a special gift for you to enjoy. We're very passionate about this and hope you love it as much as we do, so tag us in an Instagram/Facebook post and we'll repost it to our story!

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A Lambertones Pickups Customer
Todd G.

I installed The Triple Shot in a 1996 MIM Stratocaster and, no joke, I'm blown away by how good these sound. I've never really seen the appeal of Strats; I love the way they play but the few cheaper ones I've had over the years just haven't blown my socks off. Replacing my electronics and putting Lambertones in...wow. I get it now. This thing sounds amazing and if I ever get a second Strat, I will most certainly be putting Lambertones in it. I'm seriously considering changing out the pickups in my other guitars now since these made THIS much of a difference in this one.

Greg M.
United States United States

Wow! A FUNDAMENTAL improvement in my Stratocaster's sound

I am completely satisfied with my decision to get the Triple Shot pickups. I installed them in a Stratocaster and all I can say is, wow! The tone of my Strat's pickups is clear, crisp, and has improved that guitar so much, it is now my favorite. I look at my other guitars and think... "maybe I should get rid of those..." (ok.. only for a second... i get a grip on myself and think... "maybe I should upgrade one of those with Lambertone pickups" (which in fact, I am in the process of doing (HSH Grinders). If you are on the fence, don't be. The customer service is phenomenal, the build quality is fantastic, and Kurtis was very patient as I asked technical questions. Buy a set... maybe two. Your ears will thank you!

Adam A.
United States United States

Absolutely changed my experience with this guitar

Wow. Just wow. I've never heard a single coil pickup this clear before! This is definitely a vintage-output level single coil but give it some push and the sparkle is unrivaled! I paired this set with the Grinder bridge. Don't let the name scare you, this is the smoothest humbucker I have ever heard! I normally stay away from my bridge pickup when playing cleans but the Grinder is smooth enough to give me new options! I love these pups, I love my guitar now, thank you Lambertones!

Lambertones Pickups the Triple Shot ReviewLambertones Pickups the Triple Shot Review
Laura M.
United States United States


My son is so excited to get his guitar all fixed up! He had asked for this for Christmas. The customer service, communication, and attention to details was incredible. I highly recommend Lambertones.

Mike C.
United States United States

Havnt installed them yet. Still painting the guitar.