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"I love how compact this thing is. It won’t eat up all your storage space like bigger meters. It’s the perfect size to throw in your case and travel with it."

— David Hislop (Tone Factor)

Tech You Actually Use

Stop guessing

How many times have you put your guitar back together, brand new strings, all polished up, and when you plugged it in... it didn't work? Test your circuits, BEFORE you put it all back together. Having a meter keeps you on task and on track to having a fully functioning electrical circuit.

Flexible Applications

Guess what? Electrons are EVERYWHERE. You can use this multimeter for your electric instruments yes, but also in so many other household, garage, and vehicle applications. Rated to 600V, this little meter can help you diagnose a multitude of scenarios.

Tools for the Job

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Bundle our most useful tools as a kit and save! We use these tools every single day and think you will too.

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