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"the Crema" or "the Grinder" Humbucker 3-way w/1 Vol & 1 Tone

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Switch Positions:
Position 1 - Bridge
Position 2 - Bridge/Neck
Position 3 - Neck

This wiring schematic features a traditional 3-way blade OR toggle switch design. This diagram features vintage 2-wire conductor wire where the outside braided sleeve is the ground (-) and the inside black "push-back" wire is the hot (+).

This diagram will work with 2-wire or 4-wire humbuckers. If you're adapting 4-wire humbuckers solder the series link together (red/white wires) and tape off or cover with heat shrink. Then solder the green (+) to the switch and the black/bare to ground (-). (Wire colors dependent on the manufacturer, and we used Lambertones color coding for the example)

"the Crema" or "the Grinder" Humbucker 3-way Switch Push/Pull2018-2023 Lambertones Humbuckers ONLY

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Switch Positions:
Position 1 - Bridge
Position 2 - Bridge/Neck
Position 3 - Neck
Push/Pull (engaged):
Position 1 - Bridge SLUG side only (North polarity to slug side)
Position 2 - Bridge SLUG/Neck SCREW (maintains phase and hum-cancelling)
Position 3 - Neck SCREW side only (South polarity to screw side)

This wiring schematic allows traditional humbucker tones in all 3 positions. When the push/pull is engaged of the CTS tone pot you will split to Neck SCREW side or Bridge SLUG side depending on where your 3-way switch it positioned. Every position maintains phase.

This diagram will ONLY work with 4-wire conductor humbuckers where the magnetic polarity is the same, like we do here at Lambertones. For example, using this will NOT work with a set of PRS humbuckers.

"the Crema" Jazzmaster w/Rhythm Circuit

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"the Blondie" + "the Crema" 3-way Switch, 1 Vol, 1 Tone, 470k w/Resistor

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Switch Positions:
Position 1 - Bridge seeing 250k (South polarity)
Position 2 - Bridge/Neck seeing 150k
Position 3 - Neck seeing 500k (North polarity to screw side)

This wiring schematic enables your single coil bridge pickup to see its desired potentiometer value of 250k while allowing your neck humbucker to see its desired pot value at 500k. The compromise is a darker middle position that, depending on the resistor used, will be approximately 150k resulting in a darker than normal middle position. This compromise is good for those that use their single coil bridge pickup

This diagram will work with 2-wire or 4-wire conductor. To utilize a push/pull pot for a coil-split middle position, purchase the 4-wire conductor humbucker and solder the red & white leads to "C1" on the CTS Push/Pull tone pot and solder a ground wire to the "1" position. This will improve the "dark" character of the middle position.

"the Triple Shot"  HSS w/"the Crema/Grinder" 5-way Switch, 1 Vol, 1 Tone, 1 500k Push/Pull Tone

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Switch Positions:
Position 1 - Bridge humbucker (when Push/Pull engaged splits to North polarity SLUG side)
Position 2 - Bridge/Middle (Push/Pull engaged splits to SLUG side and maintains phase and hum-cancelling)
Position 3 - Middle
Position 4 - Middle/Neck (hum-cancelling)
Position 5 - Neck

This wiring schematic utilizes a 4-wire humbucker in the bridge position and a 500k CTS push/pull pot. You can substitute with an Alpha style pot by soldering the red/white to the C1 position. The push/pull allows you to split the humbucker in either position 1 or 2. In position 2, the humbucker splits to the North polarity CW SLUG side to maintain phase and polarity with the South polarity CCW middle pickup. The push/pull tone pot rolloff only affects the bridge positions, and the 1st tone affects the neck and middle positions.

CW - Clockwise
CCW - Counter Clockwise
This diagram works with a 3 or 4-wire humbucker only. Replacing the push/pull pot with a standard 500k potentiometer will work with either a 2, 3, or 4-wire humbucker.

920D Custom LP50-SPLIT


A 920D Custom LP50-SPLIT Les Paul Wiring Harness is built to easily drop into your guitar and totally transform your tone. With genuine Orange Drop capacitors your guitar will have the classic sound of a vintage Les Paul. This wiring scheme provides a tight, transparent tone. Unlike modern wiring schemes, it features a reduced treble cut when rolling back the volume control. The highs seem to be clearer, especially with the volume pot rolled back. This harness effectively gives you a treble bleed kit function on each volume pot without adding the extra caps and resistors. The Push/Pull tone pots will split each respective pickup. If you are looking to clean up your tone and let your pickups sing through, then the LP50-L is for you.

2 - 920D Custom 450G Series 500K Pots by CTS (Long Shaft)
2 - Bourns Push/Pull 500K Pots (Long Shaft)
2 - .022 Orange Drop Capacitor by Sprague Electric
1 - Pure Tone Output Jack920D Custom Signature Wiring by Gavitt

Wire Please note: This kit is designed for Gibson Les Paul Historic Reissue or vintage guitars that use long shaft pots (all Historic guitars and Gibson LPs made before 1978). Also, CTS pots require a 3/8" hole (in the top of your guitar); most USA made guitars are drilled this way, however imported guitars often are not. Metric knobs should be modified (drilled out) before use with CTS standard spec pots.

920D Custom ES335-PAGE