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Hybro Electric Screwdriver

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"This is a super handy and quality screw driver. Perfect for your guitar or tech case!"

— David Hislop (Tone Factor)

Tools for the job

Useful attachments

With four included bits, you're set for a multitude of projects. The quick-change chuck with standard 6.5mm size will fit all of the bits floating around in your toolbox.

Made in Korea

Nothing feels like a precision tool for the job. This screwdriver is intentional in every way and will be at home in most of your projects from now on.

“All day everyday I use these types of tools. It comes with a number of attachments, but it’s a perfect size to get on a guitar to loosen a pickguard, change the height on pickups, as well as pancakes on plugs.”

— David Puleo (Puleo Guitars/Goodwood Audio)

Tools for the Job

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