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Article: Mixing Humbuckers and Single Coil's with the Lambertones V90.

Mixing Humbuckers and Single Coil's with the Lambertones V90.

Mixing Humbuckers and Single Coil's with the Lambertones V90.

Say hello to the V90 set! This combo features a brand new humbucker-sized P90 pickup for the neck position and our Red Eye humbucker for the bridge position. 

Enjoy the clarity and punch of the scaled P90, a bell-like hum-cancelling middle position, and then the lead saturation of the humbucker all in a single tone package!

The V90 set is optimized for 500k pots, so just about any double humbucker guitar you have - these are a drop-in replacement. 

3 unique AlNiCo magnets are used in this pickup set and the frequency range is effective for a broad spectrum of guitar tones. Choose to have our laser-engraved cover inserts, or go for the stealthy look with the no-logo approach. 

Here are just a few reasons why guitar players, just like you, are loving their V90 tones:

  1. Articulation & Response: The articulate response of the V90 pickups capture the nuances of your playing style, making them ideal for both clean and overdriven sounds, maintaining clarity even at higher gain levels.

  2. Balance: The V90's tonal clarity and dynamic range provide a balanced sound, allowing for both bright and warm tones depending on your switch position, which makes them versatile for various music styles.

  3. Aesthetics: Since the V90 set was designed with the Duesenberg Starplayer TV© in mind, guitar players can choose to match the look of their stock pickups, or they can hotrod them to really stand out. Either way, what's under the hood will drive your tone potential to an entirely new level.

    The V90 Review:

    The V90 pickup set is a like a love letter written specifically to my amps. That may sound a bit dramatic or overly romanticized but I genuinely mean it. I’ve been searching for pedals/drives that would open up the top end of my amp and help cut through the mix better but everything felt a bit artificial. 

    The V90 set has fixed everything at the source. All in all, Kurtis is great and he’s made a lot of great pickups… but this pairing, by far, has been my absolute favorite. It’s so versatile, from the warm cleans of the neck, the finely tuned clean or driven tones from the middle, to the massive lead tones you can get from the bridge. There’s not a bad sound in sight. Tone starts at your guitar and your pickups are the foundation. The V90 set has instantly become one of the strongest foundations to stand your tone upon.“
    - Andrew R
    Have you found yourself not sure which guitar to take? Combine the best of both worlds with the V90 set. It's time to upgrade your pickups and hear the difference for yourself. Your guitar deserves the best, and so do you!

    Click HERE to shop the Lambertones V90's.

    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need more information. Click HERE to connect with our team at the Lambertones shop.

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