"the Grinder"


Choosing the proper grind is essential to a great cup of coffee or shot of espresso. However, there is nothing proper about the GRINDER here at LAMBERTONES. These tones are massivly thick, chocolaty, and bold. With strong notes throughout the low end, a healthy dose of crunchy mids, ending with caffeinated high's, this humbucker is a lead players tone dream. 

The GRINDER is higher output than our CREMA model, and has been compared to a vintage P.A.F. with a modern flare. The GRINDER pushes breakup at the source while still maintaining incredible note articulation. No dark muddy mids, lost lows, or piercing highs. The GRINDER uses a unique wire and magnet combination to balance output with dynamics, drive with clarity, and presence with compression.

If you’ve experienced our CREMA humbuckers, in comparison the GRINDER is approximately 15% higher output/naturally closer to the edge of breakup, and has additional compression and a slight mid-range bump .

*NOTE* If purchasing a single humbucker, it will automatically come with the 4-wire conductor even if 2-wire is selected. We do this to guarantee your successful install when mixing and matching with different pickups from other manufacturers. If purchasing a set, you maintain the ability to select between 4-wire and 2-wire.


Neck Specs: 4.7k DCR, AlNiCo V

Bridge Specs: 6.05k DCR, AlNiCo VIII