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Designed to be Different

Precision Winding

Deep dive the gear forums on pickup winding and you'll see tons of voices claiming that handwinding and variable tension is where the magic is. We challenge that concept and have the data to prove it. Every set that leaves our shop is within 1% tolerance of every pickup we've ever shipped. No more wondering if you got a lemon model. Whether you're playing to your dog or you're on stage for 100,000+ fans, the Lambertones are the same.

Made in USA

We fully believe a product should be able to stand on its own, where the location of manufacturer doesn't automatically qualify/disqualify it from a perceived quality. That said, we're proud to design, manufacture, wind, fulfill in house here at our shop in Southern California.

Crafted with Care

Premium Materials

We exclusively use nickel-silver covers and they are then plated according to the desired finish. Nickel-silver is known to be the most transparent sounding material available for passive pickups.

Flexible Applications

Each humbucker set can be selected with 2-wire or 4-wire condcutor to the highest flexibility in wiring opportunities. Either option uses the highest quality possible shielded Gavitt wire to protect your signal chain from the very beginning.

Shipped with Style

Premium Packaging

Every pickup set comes in its own premium box with laser cut foam and every cover has mm thick 3M protective shielding to aid in a successful install without scratches or scuffs.

Special Gift

Every pickup set is shipped with a special gift for you to enjoy. We're very passionate about this and hope you love it as much as we do, so tag us in an Instagram/Facebook post and we'll repost it to our story!

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A Lambertones Pickups Customer
Justin T.

Just put a Crema in the neck and the Grinder in the bridge, with push/pull vol pots and toggle for series/parallel into an early 2000s Ibanez, and WOW!! Have so many options for tone it is unreal! These pickups are silent when at rest, and the tone produced when played is world class. For my ears these are the best pickups in the world.

Brandon M.
United States United States

Absolutely Killer!

I just dropped a Grinder in the bridge of my 2005 Gibson SG Special (paired with a Crema in the neck) and I have to say its giving me the best lead tones I’ve ever had out of it. The clarity out of these pare incredible, and they absolutely scream. 10/10 would recommend, and I’ll definitely be buying more for my future guitars!

Lambertones Pickups the Grinder ReviewLambertones Pickups the Grinder Review
David C.
United States United States

Great for Church!

5 stars for sure. Can I give you more? I put the Grinder in the bridge and the Crema in the neck of a guitar that I set up especially for playing in church. As everyone who plays in church knows it's a dense mix of keys, bass, drums, acoustic guitar, and vocals. The electric guitar is supposed to use reverb, delay and gain and still cut through this dense mix. My other electrics did a fair job but the Grinder in the bridge really cuts through when everyone is playing flat out and the Crema and the Grinder together sound sweet in the quieter spots. I couldn't be happier with my new worship guitar. Thanks for these special pickups! Dave in Maple Grove, Minnesota

Jeffery D.
United States United States


The Grinder has a great tone and is very clean sounding. It can get a nice round sound and will have a great punch at the same time using gain on my amp

Braden A.
United States United States

These are it.

Guys, these are perfect. I'm definitely picky when it comes to tone. I'm a live and studio guitarist, engineer and producer. I need the tone to be neutral and tight, the impact to be punchy and yet also smooth, I need the pickup positions to be balanced so that all three are usable on the same amp settings. Lastly, I need them to have that sparkle and magic that PAF's are known for. THESE DELIVER ALL THREE. There are only four pairs of pickups I can say do that. And those are the Lollar Imperial Low winds/El Rayos, the Veritas Bearcat Pickups, the Veritas Pope pickups and the Suhr SSV. These are right there with all of those, they feel most similar to the Veritas Bearcat pickups though, with a bit more around 1k and less around 5k. I've tried every kind of Fralin's, Porter's, Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, and even Lambertones Crema's, heck even the Ristrettos. None of them cut it for me. Either not balanced enough, not all three positions are usable, too brittle, too creamy, too boomy, etc. These do it all man, holy smokes. These are more output than the Crema's...but they are still SUPER LOW output. They are by no means dirty pickups, it's only when you compare them to the Cremas (which feel a bit anemic to me to be versatile with OD, it's just a lot more far removed from a PAF), that they can be said to be higher output. They are on Par with Veritas Bearcats and about that same output, cleaner than Suhr SSV's and Lollar Imperials. I hope this is helpful for someone. If you're a tone guy and care about the details, this is the one.