"the Triple Shot"

Type: Set

With all the flavored lattes and soy cappuccinos in the world, it's sometimes hard to tell where the origin of the roast was. Let's take it back to the basics, stripped-down, farm to table, guitar to amp, just straight tone.

The TRIPLE SHOT is based on John Mayer's favorite 1964 vintage Strat, but with enhanced clarity and consistency. Alnico magnets paired with a unique wire and tension combination produce beautifully smooth and velvety lead lines. The Triple Shot features a slightly chunky and springy low-end, clean and crisp highs, massive quack in positions 2/4, and all without a heavy and overbearing mid-range.

These take pedals surprisingly well and maintain incredible clarity even when you stack on the drives. Back to the basics, and they are so, so good.




If you select the HSS or HSH configuration the humbucker will come automatically with a 4-wire configuration.

Color Code:

Black: Ground

Bare: Ground

White: Screw coil finish (can be soldered to red for standard humbucker sound)

Red: Slug coil finish (can be soldered to white for standard humbucker sound)

Green: Hot to the switch


Neck Single Coil Specs: 3.6k DCR

Middle Single Coil Specs: 4.05k DCR

Bridge Single Coil Specs: 3.95k DCR