"the Ristretto"


A P90 tone like never before.

Introducing “the RISTRETTO” - with our Neck output measuring 3.65k ohms and our Bridge coming out at 4.95k some might not believe that we could expect to achieve any sort of tonal success. But like in a ristretto coffee, it’s quality over quantity every time. With a ristretto, there is a finer grind used and half the water pulled through the shot. This reveals an incredibly smooth, bold, and sweet extraction.

"the RISTRETTO" is just that; a seemingly measurable “low-output” pickup, much less a P90, but with the dynamics, concentration, and balance of the best single coil tone we have ever heard. Don’t be fooled, the volume signal output is there. It is comparable to any of the mainstream P90 models available today, but with our unique wire combination, magnet choices, and wire tensions we have been able to achieve a P90 clarity like never before.

*Available in traditional Gibson-sized Soapbar and also Fender-sized Jazzmaster covers.

**52mm string spacing**


Fender uses a proprietary "Aged White" color in their off-white Jazzmaster covers are are thus unavailable for our pickups. Our "Antique White" is the closest we have but it is NOT a perfect match.