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Designed to be Different

Precision Winding

Deep dive the gear forums on pickup winding and you'll see tons of voices claiming that handwinding and variable tension is where the magic is. We challenge that concept and have the data to prove it. Every set that leaves our shop is within 1% tolerance of every pickup we've ever shipped. No more wondering if you got a lemon model. Whether you're playing to your dog or you're on stage for 100,000+ fans, the Lambertones are the same.

Made in USA

We fully believe a product should be able to stand on its own, where the location of manufacturer doesn't automatically qualify/disqualify it from a perceived quality. That said, we're proud to design, manufacture, wind, fulfill in house here at our shop in Southern California.

Crafted with Care

Premium Materials

We exclusively use nickel-silver baseplates for our soapbar and JM style Ristrettos to reflect the magnetic field appropriately, giving a punchier and more consistent sound with every amplitude of playing.

Flexible Applications

Each Ristretto set comes with a 3-wire lead option, giving the highest flexibility in wiring opportunities. Having a 3-wire allows you to have a series/parallel tonal option with a 4-way switch or a Fender style S1 switch. In addition, if combined with another style pickup of a different manufacturer a 3rd wire allows you to reverse the winding direction to maintain phase. The pickup leads are the highest quality possible cloth covered pre-tinned Gavitt wire to give you the best signal chain start and an easy solder connection.

Shipped with Style

Premium Packaging

Every pickup set comes in its own premium box with laser cut foam and every cover has mm thick 3M protective shielding to aid in a successful install without scratches or scuffs.

Special Gift

Every pickup set is shipped with a special gift for you to enjoy. We're very passionate about this and hope you love it as much as we do, so tag us in an Instagram/Facebook post and we'll repost it to our story!

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A Lambertones Pickups Customer
Sean B.

I bought a used Fender Tele thinline with P90s, and it sounded a little muddy. But then I put some Ristrettos in it and I can't BELIEVE the difference. These have both clarity AND a full sound. I'm especially impressed by the neck pickup's ability to maintain clarity and brightness without adjusting EQ. The ordering process was also great. I sent them a photo of the guitar to get advice in what to get. They emailed me right back and gave me some advice about upgrading the tone pots while I was at it (which I did). Once ordered, I received pretty regular emails from them with little things like YouTube videos showing off how they sound, etc. The package itself is a fun experience to unbox--like opening a new Apple product. My experience with Lambertones has been so good I plan to get the Cremas for another guitar next!

Laramie H.
United States

The Best Pickups EVER

Genuinely, these are my dream p90s and I've been searching for YEARS. The clarity, punch, and ability to go from clean to growl is something I've not been able to find in any other pickup. Genuinely my favorite pickups ever. Thanks y'all!

Chris O.
United States United States

The best.

I bought my Ristrettos to replace another set of custom hand made pickups by another notable pickup maker. There just isn't a better P90 on the market. The clarity is amazing and the touch sensitivity is unparalleled. The materials and build quality we noticably better than the set I had use prior. I only wish that I had bought thee Ristretttos first rather than waste time and money with something else.

Dustin R.
United States United States

Amazing pickups

Bought a set of these from 920d. Holy molly they sound stellar. They kinda sound just like my set of Cremas but with a distinct p90 growl. This is the best of both worlds. LOVE THE PICKUPS!

Lambertones Pickups the Ristretto Review
Jonah S.
United States United States

Absolutely Amazing Tone. Seriously.

I play in a church, which probably isn't a surprise to anyone. I play through a Helix LT into on stage monitors and often with pickups, I can't hear the articulation due to it being lost in the mix or other instruments getting in the way. I had the chance to play with these pickups in my Squier JM Jazzmaster yesterday and I am absolutely blown away by the clarity, the articulation, the warmth, response to overdrive and wet effects, and the amazing attention to detail that was clearly put into these pickups. I am not a P90 player traditionally but am much more familiar with single coil/humbuckers in a worship and metal context. These pickups somehow provide both the clarity on the higher register and when ambience is needed. However, they DO NOT skimp out when they need to punch through the mix and really lay down a strong foundation of drive. These pickups are absolutely amazing and if you are even remotely considering buying them, just do it. Also as a side note, I purchased the wiring harness and my friend that installed them mentioned how easy the process was given the harness. Certainly a lot attention to detail went into the whole process. I cannot wait to buy another set of these or other pickups. Thank you Kurtis Lamberton for this amazing product.